Barathax retain many qualities inherited from the great cats from which they evolved: a feline facial structure with eyes, ears, and nose particularly suited for sensing prey; retractable and sharp claws; a tail that often betrays their mood; and skin covered in soft fur of varying coloration and length. They possess strong upper-leg muscles and elongated, raised feet, giving them a supple agility. Instead of fore-paws, they have articulated fingers and a thumb, though they retain the furry texture on every digit except the underside of the last one, which has a dark, leathery toe-pad.

Barathax females give birth to broods as large as nine kitts, although some do not survive the often competitive upbringing. Parents of kitts born with obvious defects quickly and discreetly eliminate them and any traces of their existence. Both male and female Barathax groom themselves meticulously, most often by combing their fur to remove shedding hairand bulky undercoats. They do not trim their hair; it grows to a naturally pleasing length and falls out as new fur grows in. Although bipedal and warm-blooded, they prefer to lounge languidly on any comfortable surface whenever they have the chance, preferably in the warm sunlight or some other source
of illumination.



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