Russel Starcher "Starchy"

55 years old


18943702_SA.jpgPilot type
Aged and rusty


2195: Starchy is born.
2216: Starchy graduates from the academy.
2217: Starchy is dishonorably discharged.
2220: Starchy begins working for the Cabal.
2250: ?

Starchy dreamed of space from an early age. He would lay awake at night wondering what secrets the stars held. He joined the academy as early as possible. He earned his wings in record time and showed great promise as either a helmsman or fighter pilot. Starchy and the other young cadets of his class were assigned under Captain “MaxMane” aboard the carrier class S.S. Dreamer. While in frontier space the Dreamer came across a colony under attack from pirates.

Starchy and all of the other non-Barathax pilots were called to the fighters to engage the pirates that greatly outnumbered the allied forces. Starchy explained to his commanding officer, the Barathax Willipil, that he was off duty and had been imbibing celebratory alcohol for his birthday. Starchy was told in no uncertain terms to report to his fighter. The pilots were doomed to an unwinnable battle. Due to the heroic sacrifices of the allied forces the Barathax colonists were able to escape mostly unharmed.

In order to justify the horrific losses the Dreamer took in the battle, and solidify the story as an excellent job well done, Captain MaxMane blamed Starchy and other human pilots. Captain MaxMane claimed they were drunk on duty. Extrapolating human discipline was lacking and caused the massive losses. Starchy was dishonorably discharged after only one combat mission. With his reputation severely damaged Starchy was black-listed from every aerial and space transportation company. Starchy was grounded… permanently.

With strictly legal companies unwilling to hire Starchy, he found himself taking jobs smuggling for the Cabal. A small time smuggler, Starchy has been in & out of different jails a half-dozen times under just as many names in the last thirty years. His general success, and ability to keep his mouth shut, keeps the Cabal’s lawyers hard at work providing him with short sentences.

Starchy’s skills have dulled over the decades. Thirty years of alcohol abuse, routine flights, and self-loathing have left him cynical, bitter, and despondent. His age and lifestyle have caught up to him. Is there enough life in this used up man for a hero to be made still? Time will tell.

Russel Starcher "Starchy"

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